We went to Paris, France in the Spring of 2014, It was our first stop in our three country vacation. We stayed in a studio owned by one of Juan’s former colleagues. The city is exactly like many people envision it: romantic, beautiful, charming, busy, yet interesting.

When we arrived into the city, I was exhausted but when I looked outside I was intrigued by the elegance of the city and the elaborate structures of all the buildings. The beauty of each architecture was mind boggling and very well maintained. I felt transformed into an old world of magnificence and sophistication.

Humans of Paris:

The humans of Paris take a lot of pride in their country, city, and history. They truly acknowledge how beautiful Paris is and try to maintain the beauty. They also take pride in their fashion, food, and wine. Even if one doesn’t know much about France, I am sure many of you may have heard the rumor that “French people are rude”. Honestly, we felt better treatment when we were with French people but even outside of that meeting we didn’t notice rudeness or hostility. However, I believe that many French people are frustrated by all of the tourism they see, which is understandable especially if you are a New Yorker you may know exactly how they feel. Sometimes they may perceive tourists as loud, inconsiderate, and sloppy. If you plan on going to Paris in particular, I highly recommend that you do your homework by learning a few French words and maybe stay away from wearing shorts, and be careful to not act in a way that might perpetuate their preconceived ideas of Americans.

Food: I am personally not a big fan of fancy dinners, which is why we frequented local restaurants with simple meals. We ate lamb and even tried some snails, both were delicious. Even with these dishes, I still felt as if I was missing the real French cuisine. I was disappointed by the French crepes as I was expecting a better variation than the ones we have in the US, but unfortunately they were plain.

To be continued…….

Written by: Christeen


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