Quintana Roo

Weather: warm and hot, a bit sticky but comfortable in shorts
Food: great if you can make it outside the resorts, food stands are always a gamble but we haven’t gotten sick yet. We usually stick to tortas and tacos.
People: resort employees were friendly and kind. Interaction with others outside the resort was a bit funny as they tried to sell us every kind of gift and others were more interested in asking about our nationalities.
Money: your dollar goes a long way so take advantage of it.
Housing: here we stayed at the resort but made a note that even though the resort was great next time we would stay somewhere less touristy.
Activities: Since we stayed at an all inclusive resort the only activities that came with our say were to usual water activities near the pool. However if you are felling adventurous and have a few extra money to spare you should defiantly take advantage of day excursions as we did. While at the resort we took day trips to Chichen Itza and not too far from the pyramid was an oasis of beautiful land- Xel-Há Park. There was a section of land that was a natural lake . This lake was beautiful to snorkel and see fish and sea creatures of all shapes and sizes. The fish swam past us as curiously as we swam past them.

Cenotes: natural caves full of water were formed over millions of years and enjoyed by people throughout the centuries. We were able to visit one of these and even swim in it. This was a bit scary as the center is basically a small pool in a cave. There was an opening at the top of the cave that served as a natural skylight that illuminated the cave, this however still made it a bit unnerving to swim in a pool that’s mostly dark with stalactites above your head.

Dolphins: so cute and such a smart sea creature. We were lucky to have bought an excursion to see them at a nearby pool. Here we took pictures with them and even swam with them for a bit.


To be continued….