Istanbul: when I look back on our travel to Istanbul I think of that song ” Istanbul (not Constantinople) ..” , a bit funny how I got that song attached to the memories of Istanbul. Istanbul was a marvelous place that had a wonderful culture with a rich history.

Some people may not fancy the prayers that come through the loud speakers of the nearby mosque during prayer time but I found those prayers to be mesmerizing. Even though the prayers start at sunrise, it served as a personal alarm clock if those who are morning people. The mosques themselves are beautiful structures made and designed eloquently.

The light rail we rode around on in Istanbul was in most cases always a pleasure as it’s reliable and new. In this case many people use it and so it was very crowded most of the time. Besides the light rail I would say the best method of transportation we had was our own two feet.

We can’t say enough good things about the hotel we stayed in. It was a mom and pop building and they made us feel special. They were kind, generous and always friendly to us.


To be continued……

Written by: Juan

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