About Us

Greetings Virtual Friends!

Thank you for visiting our travel website- RhoGo! We hope you will enjoy our journey and live vicariously through our travels. We decided to name our website RhoGo because “Rho” in the greek numeral system has a value of 100. We want to cover 100% of the world and “Go” comes from our drive to keep going after our dreams and moving forward. From these two words our site was born.

We are a husband and wife duo in our twenties (Juan is Mexican American & Christeen is Egyptian American). We are both professionals working full time and residing in NJ (ya ya go on with the jokes lol). Please rest assured that we are not making money off of this site nor are we receiving any benefit from any place we are reviewing. Everything that is written is the raw truth brought to you through our eyes and experience!

We created this site because we believe that through travel, we are capable of telling the stories of others. Perhaps, if more people realized that the human race is fundamentally the same then there may be less discrimination and more celebration of our similarities & differences. We always judge the place we go by the humility of its people and the culture that surrounds their cuisine. I must say we have not been anywhere that we didn’t think was so beautiful based on those 2 criteria. We hope you will find this site an inspiration for you to have a little more fun, a little more kindness and maybe a whole lot of laughter. Let’s explore!

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Written by: Christeen