Chichen Itza 

Weather: Hot, a bit sticky but comfortable in shorts
Food: Only had time to grab something quick from the nearby stand which were very delicious.
People: Friendly and kind. Interaction with others outside the resort was a bit funny as they tried to sell us every kind of gift and others were more interested in asking about our nationalities.
Money: your dollar goes a long way so take advantage of it.
Housing: N/A ( We took a day trip to see Chichen Itza from the resort we were residing in so there was no need to stay the night although the ride from our resort in Quinta Roo was very long.

Activities:Chichen itza  is breathtaking; to believe that people just like us were able to imagine and create this structure is mind blowing. Although we were not able to climb up the steps, we still grazed upon the structures.


To be continued……..

Written by: Juan